The VR headset immerses you in a virtual world for an immersive experience. A technology reserved for adults or older teenagers! VR for Virtual Reality is now often supplemented by AR for Augmented Reality. It consists of superimposing virtual elements on the real world... and is enhanced by Leap Motion technology, a gestural recognition device that allows you to control an environment with your fingers, without a controller or mouse. You can visit and learn more about VR accessories.

A VR Headset, what is it for?

Imagine wrap-around glasses that fully cover the eyes. In these glasses, which completely isolate you from the outside world, a three-dimensional image is projected. Since the image follows your movements and moves with you, you have the impression of really experiencing the situation projected before your eyes... and jumping in a parachute, using a precision tool or diving under the sea! Simulations are for fun, sometimes educational or even therapeutic purposes.

A VR Headset, it is from what age?

While RV can be educational, the technology is not suitable for children. Do yours want him? Show them: each headset indicates restrictions on use, and most are prohibited for children under 12, sometimes 13 or 14.

The different types of virtual reality

To choose the right VR headset, think support: you won't choose the same virtual reality headset to watch videos on smartphones, play on a gaming PC or on a video game console!

The VR headset for PC

Offering the most realistic simulations, the VR PC headset is designed to work with a computer... provided that the computer in question is designed to support virtual reality! For gaming addicts, a powerful PC adapted to virtual reality video games is essential to enjoy the performance of VR PC headsets. These headsets incorporate a series of sensors to record your actions in the game environment with the highest possible accuracy. Jump, get down, get up: you no longer feel like you're playing a game, but you're moving around in the game.

The autonomous VR headset

No PC gaming, no game console, no adapted smartphone? Choose a fully autonomous VR headset. These little jewels of technology will allow you to play a variety of games without wires or compatible devices, simply with the headset and sometimes with controllers.

The VR headset for PlayStation and Xbox One

The virtual reality headset for game consoles works like a PC VR headset. It plugs into a compatible console or, increasingly, connects to it wirelessly... provided you have a latest generation console and VR video games.

The VR headset for smartphones

Are you looking for the cheapest solution to discover virtual reality? The VR smartphone headset is made for you; you just have to slide your smartphone directly into the headset. The only downside is that the quality of VR immersion depends on the performance of the smartphone. If you dream of a 4K VR headset, then your smartphone should be too!