Software development

More than just translation: how to create a multilingual website

It is time for your company to cross borders, a multilingual website is essential to make you known in other countries. Before you start translating your site, some aspects must be clarified before you can make this transformation and make…

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The most common web design errors to avoid

Your website is the digital presentation of your company. If you don’t receive your customers in a sloppy and sloppy space, why make a bad impression with your website? Discover the most common website design mistakes made by many companies…

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The best development tools for mobile games

Have you ever thought about creating your own online game? Advances in technology have made it easier for almost everyone to do so with mobile game creation tools. But if the game you have in mind is complex, you will…

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The best programming languages by development type

The world of IT is constantly evolving and the continuous emergence of programming languages is a good example. But do you know which programming languages are the most used in 2019? Either because you want to increase your knowledge, or…

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A guide to publishing your application on Google Play Store and succeeding

Once the development and testing phases are complete, the moment of truth comes: the very moment you publish your application on Google Play. It’s time to show your application to users and wait for downloads to start. Find out how…

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How to start developing web applications?

While most developers focus on creating native mobile applications, the market is in great demand for web applications. Training in web application development is relatively easy, especially if you already have programming skills. Here are some tips to help you…

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