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Challenges and solutions

Challenges and solutions: Overcoming obstacles in enterprise network design

Navigating the complex world of enterprise network design presents a unique set of challenges. From securing the infrastructure to employing cutting-edge technologies like cloud and virtualization, businesses face numerous hurdles. This discourse delves into these issues, offering practical solutions to…

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Manage the pressure on the WAN without pressurizing the budget

SaaS applications, connected devices, unified communication tools are jostled on the company’s Internet access point and VPN network. If they are not muscular, it will soon no longer be possible to work. But be careful not to fall into the…

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What should I do if my smartphone is stolen or lost?

Did you just have your mobile phone stolen or lost? Find out below what the right reflexes to adopt are and the steps to take in such a situation. Try to locate your smartphone Don’t know where your phone is?…

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How do I unlock my SIM card?

Your SIM card in your mobile phone is securely blocked after entering three incorrect PIN codes. This security protects your data in the event of loss or theft of your mobile phone. However, if you have blocked your SIM card…

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No mobile network to call or surf in 3G and 4G? Explanations and solutions!

You don’t have a mobile network on your phone or no longer have one? Can’t call or access the Internet on your smartphone? Whether at home, in transport, in the provinces, in the mountains or on holiday, do you have…

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What is the speed of 4G?

The performance of 4G depends on the operator, where you are and how many devices are connected to the antenna. Downlink and upload rates also vary at Orange, Free, SFR and Bouygues Telecom depending on the number of 4G frequencies…

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Mobile networks (2G/Edge, 3G, 4G) and Wi-Fi

Your mobile connects to a mobile network to make or receive calls and to connect to the Internet. Here is an overview of mobile networks and their coverage. There are several types of mobile networks, each with different characteristics and…

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