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Referencing: how to write well on the web?

Writing on the web for a good SEO on search engines is essential in the context of a digital marketing campaign. Unlike a traditional marketing campaign, it involves writing optimized and original content in order to achieve good online prospecting…

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Benefits of a content strategy for your company

In a company, content strategy is essential in order to gain visibility, be followed on social networks and strengthen its presence on the net in front of prospects and competitors. Discover 8 advantages of a content strategy for your company!…

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How to obtain a quality backlink?

Backlinks are part of the netlinking strategy and are a technical element of natural referencing methods (SEO) that allow obtaining a good position in search results. These are actually incoming links on websites that point to your own site. The…

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Why should I encrypt my company database?

Personal data has always been a source of wealth for companies that are able to optimize their advertising targeting and develop their business. The rise of Big Data has further transformed the relationship between companies and the data they process….

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The advantages of e-commerce

Discover here the advantages of e-commerce. From reasonable financing costs to passive income, there are many good reasons to create an online store. These advantages of e-commerce will help you determine if this career is right for you. Advantage n°…

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What is e-commerce?

Have you ever wondered what e-commerce is exactly? This is quite likely, because e-commerce is in vogue today more than ever. However, like many, you may not know the exact meaning of this term, nor the differences between e-commerce and…

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