To succeed in your virtual reality project, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions. First of all: always check the technical feasibility of your project before launching it. After this step, it remains to choose the material. The budget alone is not enough to guide this choice. It is necessary to take into account the capacities of the headsets, you can take a look at and learn more information about VR accessories and devices. Which one is best suited to what you imagine setting up?

To move around in the virtual universe

Do you want to walk around in a virtual space? Visit an interior in computer-generated images; play the balancing act above the void, cross fantastic areas? Then you need complete RV equipment.

The Oculus Rift

The first choice, the headset that re-launched virtual reality: To set up a public VR animation, this is the obvious solution, provided you connect to a good PC and take the related equipment (controllers, position detectors).

The HTC Vive

A direct competitor to Oculus: From its first version, the Vive headset offered very good detection equipment for a smooth travel experience. Here too, there is a major installation to be expected.

The VR PlayStation

Designed to work with the PlayStation 4, it takes advantage of it. No need to look for a PC with the right power. We adjust the content to the capacity of the console, and we don't bother with technical issues. It is the kit solution, so you don't have to choose your equipment.

For less heavy content: immersive images, 360° videos, VR mini-games

Very quickly, manufacturers thought of simpler solutions to allow everyone to immerse themselves without having to equip themselves with a whole set of gear.

The Samsung Gear (and all headsets of the same type)

The good idea came from Samsung who proposed, with its Samsung Gear, a clever system. Simply insert a smartphone into the headset. The phone generates the images, while the lenses on the headset allow you to immerse yourself in them. The experience is more intuitive for the user who does not need to use controllers and move around. This is called an "embedded" solution. A type of headset often adopted in public events, for light content that can be used for 360° videos, light mini games or even virtual indoor traffic for real estate purposes. In the same vein, we can also mention the following headphones: the Google Daydream View, Homido, Zeis VR One, or the Omega 3D Box.

To guarantee the user's mobility

You don't want to limit the user to one place? You prefer to eliminate connections, additional equipment, invite the user to wear a headset only?

The Samsung Gear, again

Headsets with on-board phones are therefore also recommended. This even explains their success with virtual reality stands. For a long time, they were the only ones to offer RV that could be practiced without connections, and therefore the only ones to be mobile.

The Oculus Go

But recently, a new kind of headset has appeared: the autonomous headset. The Oculus Go is a headset that requires no PC or smartphone support. All the broadcasting technology is located in the headset. It thus officially becomes the headset of mobility. But it also has a financial advantage: no need to buy additional equipment

To leave goodies to users

For events, as part of a communication operation, virtual reality can take a different form than an ephemeral stand. It can be an opportunity to mark the occasion by leaving a memory for users.

The Cardboard

The cardboard solution designed by Google is virtual reality at a low cost, of questionable quality, but which has the advantage of opening up the experience to everyone. It is also a great tool for event agencies. The cardboard headset can become a customizable goodie in an approach that invites users to try virtual reality with their own smartphones, and leave with the headset. Once you have made this choice, all you have to do is integrate the film or application into the equipment and think about how to set it up. As 3D content creators, we can produce your VR film, but also advise and support you in the implementation of your device.