Have you ever thought about creating your own online game? Advances in technology have made it easier for almost everyone to do so with mobile game creation tools. But if the game you have in mind is complex, you will need the help of professional providers. There are options for all tastes and levels, so take note. We review the best mobile development tools for creating games.

Mobile game development tools for 2D mobile games

Creating a simple game should not be difficult if you use the appropriate mobile game development programs. We will now discuss two of the most popular games that will allow you to create a game without having to program.


GameSalad is a'drag and drop' development tool. This makes it one of the easiest to use if you don't have programming skills. Advantage: easy to use and with a market of models. Disadvantage: limited if you want to create a complex game. Another positive point is that GameSalad allows you to publish and share your game online on different platforms and stores: iOS, Android, Html5.... If you want to save time, you can research the model market so you don't have to start from scratch. Choose a template, customize it and your game will be ready to launch sooner than you thought. GameSalad will be very useful if you want to create an arcade game. It is perfect for 8bit, platform or puzzle games. However, GameSalad may be somewhat limited if you plan to create a complex game. Nevertheless, this tool is perfect for a first approach to applications for mobile game development. You can run it from the cloud, install it on your Windows PC or Mac OS X, or even create a game from your Android or iOS mobile.


The designer of the Stencyl game pays tribute to the MIT Scratch project. With its tile system and hierarchical classification of each element, you can create all kinds of 2D games by simply dragging the tiles and assigning properties without having to know a single thing about programming the code. Advantage: it allows you to create blocks and write your own courses. Disadvantage: it has fewer models and tutorials than other programs. In addition, if you have knowledge in this area, you can also create and share your own blocks, import libraries and write your own customized courses, which interact perfectly with block-based behaviors. Stencyl has fewer models and tutorials than other platforms, and is a little more limited than other mobile game development tools. In addition, in this case, the free installation only allows web publishing. If you want to publish your game on iOS, Android or desktop, you must update your subscription to the Indie or Studio packages.