Writing on the web for a good SEO on search engines is essential in the context of a digital marketing campaign. Unlike a traditional marketing campaign, it involves writing optimized and original content in order to achieve good online prospecting and to increase the visibility of the site on search results (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) Internet users go to search engines to find information. To write well for the web you need to know their requests, but also how search engines work. In this article, we propose you to discover some tips to better meet the needs of Internet users while having an excellent SEO on search engines starting with Google.

Write content according to targets and objectives

Before starting, here are some steps to follow to ensure that the basics of optimized writing are well founded.

Preliminary steps for writing well for the web

- First of all, it is necessary to define the targets, i.e. the people for whom the article is intended: children, men, women, young people, adults, workers, students? - It is then essential to define what we really want to transmit. This means determining the nature of the information that will be provided to the reader. The author must also identify his objective in relation to his article, i.e. he must ask himself what is the reaction expected from the reader: buying, subscribing, commenting or sharing?

Write the text with the right keywords

Before writing for the web, it is also necessary to define the main keyword that corresponds to the Internet user's main request. The web page will be optimized according to its main keyword, therefore according to a specific theme. In this step, it is important to target the requests on which Internet users can orient themselves so that they can reach your pages as simply as possible from search engines. Writing well for the web also means strategically inserting keywords into a text so that indexing robots can easily index the referenced page among many others. The text must be of good quality, in correct French. It is also important to distribute keywords in the content by targeting the most relevant areas so that search engine robots can easily find them. To help you in this task, we recommend that you use the keyword planner. This tool will allow you to get keyword ideas, find out the volume of research and the level of competition for each keyword. These indicators will help you select the right keywords and help you to know all the queries that can be searched by your target audience.