You don't have a mobile network on your phone or no longer have one? Can't call or access the Internet on your smartphone? Whether at home, in transport, in the provinces, in the mountains or on holiday, do you have the right operator, the right smartphone and how to call or surf in all circumstances...?

No mobile network!

Impossible to call or connect to mobile internet on your smartphone! Not being able to access a mobile network is one of the worst experiences for the French. We are all completely dependent on our smartphones in everyday life. Whether in transport, on holiday, inside a building or in a rural area, being able to call, send an SMS or enjoy the Internet with your mobile phone is a vital need.

No mobile network? Why and what to do?

If you do not have a mobile connection from your mobile phone, don't panic, there are many possible reasons. This lack of mobile connection may only concern certain services, such as Internet access (in 3G and 4G) or calls, SMS/MMS sending (especially 2G and 3G), or all mobile connections. Similarly, the absence of a mobile network may only be temporary or depend on your location. First, make sure that the mobile network icon is active on your smartphone, with at least one or even two reception power bars. Otherwise, you don't have a mobile network or the signal strength is insufficient! Then, dozens of reasons can be the cause of this lack of mobile connection: hardware failure, bad phone settings, and ”exotic” phone not compatible with the French 4G, defective SIM card, unpaid bill and line termination... But the absence of a mobile network from the operator who provides you with your package is of course the most obvious cause. The problem is sometimes local, with a failure on your operator's network (Orange, Bouygues Telecom...), but it can simply come from the fact that there is no mobile coverage at all! If you are travelling in an area that is not covered by an antenna of your mobile network provider (Free, Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom) it will be sufficient to leave this white area. If you live there, the easiest way to do this is to change your mobile plan to an operator offering a better quality mobile network in your residential area. Another possible cause of lack of a mobile network is an obstacle, especially if you enter a building. Reception can then be blocked or degraded. This type of problem can also occur during a move, due to the speed or switching of your connection from one antenna to another. The time your smartphone spends from one to the other and the connection can be disconnected. The mobile network is also subject to interference, which can sometimes come from weather conditions, from some nearby devices that emit waves that interfere with your communications, or simply from too many users at the same operator on the same antenna as you at the same time.