Your SIM card in your mobile phone is securely blocked after entering three incorrect PIN codes. This security protects your data in the event of loss or theft of your mobile phone. However, if you have blocked your SIM card yourself, you can unlock it using your unlock code, called PUK code. Ariase gives you here all the information you need to unlock your SIM card using your PUK code.

PIN code: the security code of your SIM card

In order to secure your personal data on your phone, it asks you each time you switch on a 4-digit code (now even 6 digits on iPhone), namely your PIN code. This code associated with your SIM card makes it possible to secure your information by automatically locking it after 3 input errors. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that you forget your PIN code or inadvertently enter an incorrect code three times and thus inadvertently block your SIM card.

How to unlock your SIM card with the PUK code?

To unlock your SIM card, you must enter your PUK code, i. e. the unlock code of your mobile phone. The PUK unlocking code consists of 8 digits and is located on the back of your SIM card holder or on the paper that accompanied your SIM card at the time of purchase. If you no longer have these elements, you can find your PUK code by logging into your customer area or by contacting your mobile operator's customer service department. Once your PUK code has been entered and your SIM card unlocked, you will be asked for a new PIN code.

Unlock my SIM card with Orange

At Orange, you can find your PUK code on the "Orange & Me" application in the "SIM card blocked" section and then "Get your PUK code". You can also find your code to unlock your SIM card from your customer area in the "Mobile" section.  To do this, select the relevant number and click on "Manage and troubleshoot". For information, with Orange, the PUK code is also written on the back of your SIM card holder.

Unlocking my SIM card with Bouygues Telecom

To retrieve your PUK code with Bouygues Telecom to unlock your SIM, go to your customer area under "My Mobile". Then select "Manage my SIM card" and click on "Get my PUK code". From the "Customer Centre" mobile application, select the "Assistance" section and then "Mobile Assistance". Then go to the "Unlock my SIM" section to find the PUK code that allows you to unlock your SIM card.

Unlocking my SIM card with SFR

If you are an SFR mobile subscriber, the PUK code is written on the plastic holder on which your SIM card was attached when you received it. You can also find this code in a few clicks from the "SFR & Me" application in the "Mobile Assistance" section, then "FAQ" and "Unlock your SIM card". Your PUK code is displayed. If you connect to your SFR customer area to obtain your PUK code, go to the "Offer and Mobile" tab, then "Mobile" and "Emergencies & troubleshooting". And finally, just click on "Retrieve your PUK code".

Unlock my SIM card with Free

If you are a Free Mobile subscriber, the unlocking code (PUK) is located on the back of the plastic holder of the SIM card or on your Free Subscriber Space, in the "My information" section then "My PUK code".