Backlinks are part of the netlinking strategy and are a technical element of natural referencing methods (SEO) that allow obtaining a good position in search results. These are actually incoming links on websites that point to your own site. The more you have, the better because the search engine considers them as a form of recommendation for your site. For this reputation to be truly solid, it is essential to obtain quality backlinks.

A quality backlink must be well positioned

For a link to have any real impact on search engines, it must be located in the body of the text. It is the location par excellence in web content because it is the most natural. It is read as it is written; it is itself part of the comments made. It becomes a keyword and makes the netlinking strategy even more effective. In addition, the wording of the link must be very closely related to the content of the landing page to which it points. This page is on your website. The content of the start page of the link must also be very similar to the theme of the destination page. This is what is called in SEO jargon an optimized link anchor.

The origin of backlink is essential to its quality

It is very important to diversify the origin of your backlinks. They must start from quality sites but it is not the classification of a site that proves it. Don't neglect backlinks from less frequented but interesting and well-built sites. For example, avoid getting too many backlinks from the same site even if its authority is high. Incoming links must come from several sources such as blogs, company sites, association sites, forums and directories. The anchor of the incoming link is partly emerged, its submerged part being the address to which it points. It is necessary to think about diversifying the anchors of backlinks and avoid being too explicit. An anchor like “web designer” is not precise enough and sweeps through the optimization effort too much. Google is not fooled and your netlinking strategy will be weakened or even penalized. Also consider choosing backlinks from unencumbered web pages, i.e. pages that contain little or no backlinks to monopolize its SEO juice. Finally, the age of the website on which your backlink appears is a judgment criterion in the eyes of search engines.

Quality SEO and backlinks

Netlinking strategies, and in particular backlinking, are essential for the good referencing of a site. These are forms of recommendation that legitimize your comments within a theme that is also explored by other sites. The more your site is taken as an example, the higher its relevance will be judged by search engines. NETLINKING = Quality Backlinks = More visits = Increased turnover Finally, here is the last point: do not forget that a netlinking strategy is established over the medium to long term. Google keeps track of the date on which all your backlinks were acquired. So to avoid any penalty, be patient! The result will be even better. Do you also want to implement a netlinking strategy to improve your positioning? Feel free to contact our SEO / SEA / SMO experts. Their mastery of quality backlinks will give a boost to your natural referencing.